13 August, 2014
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We here at ALEXIE GILMORE ONLINE would like to express our greatest condolences to the family and friends of the great actor Robin Williams. Robin did a film with Alexie and director/actor Bobcat Goldwait called WORLD’S GREATEST DAD where Alexie had this to say about the great comedian:

“Robin was so gracious. You can get steamrolled when you’re working with people of that magnitude, but Robin always wanted to make sure I had my moments, too.”

Having watched Robin since the 70s on the ABC show Mork & Mindy (I could tell you a funny story about babysitting and Mork), I remember religiously sitting down each week to see what this amazing comedian would come up with. I knew there was something manic about him, but enormously endearing. Mork just wasn’t a character in a television comedy, he was Williams. An alien in a land that didn’t understand his brand of humour…but I did. I then watched as this man bent himself into whatever film he starred in to become a genie, a penquin, a psychiatrist, a stalker, you name it. Robin Williams was a great man and will be sorely missed. Not only was he a great man, but he was also an amazing humanitarian. After the accident that paralyzed actor Christopher Reeve, Williams paid all the mounting doctor’s bills Reeve and his late wife Dana accumulated trying to help Reeve overcome his disability. He also helped through Comic Relief to help raise money for the homeless. Robin also gave support to America’s troops, AIDS awareness…. The tributes coming out from across the spectrum of America’s strata aren’t just lame or empty platitudes, they’re heartfelt and heartbreaking for a man who made hearts grow and be a little kinder in light of his energy and dedication to what he did and those he made laugh. I’ll miss you Robin and whatever else you might have done in your next 63 years. As Lovelace once said, “You did everything penquinly possible….” Could we even hope to do as much as you did or give as much as you did over your short time on this earth? I don’t think so. Some hearts just aren’t that huge.