11 December, 2021
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We are wishing Alexie a Happy Birthday for today and her adorable son, Willem, for tomorrow. We’re hoping she and Willem spend the day with family and Evan, her husband and have a fantastic weekend.

 11 December, 2019
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On behalf of ALEXIE GILMORE ONLINE I’d like to wish Alexie a very happy birthday. I know you’ll likely be spending it with Willem and Evan and family and friends so I’m hoping it’s a fantastic day filled with love, laughter, and life. Here’s to many more.

 11 December, 2017
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On behalf of ALEXIE GILMORE ONLINE, I’d like to take this time to wish Alexie the happiest of birthdays as well as congratulate her on her recent engagement. Alexie turns an amazing 41 today and we’re hoping she has an amazing day. She also became engaged over the Thanksgiving day weekend and we’re hoping she and her beloved have an incredible life together.

 12 September, 2017
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These event images are from October 2016 when Alexie attended the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles. Amfar is the AMerican Foundation for Aids Research. Here Alexie looks smashing in her black waist cut out, below-the-knee gown.

 12 September, 2017
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A little bit of clean up for Alexie’s film WILLOW CREEK where she played the part of Kelly, a woman who along with her Bigfoot enthusiast boyfriend Jim (Bryce Johnson) go on a trip to Six Rivers National Forest in California where the infamous footage Bigfoot was filmed by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin of the “mythical” Sasquatch. The film was directed by comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.

 12 September, 2017
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I know we were gone for a time, but it couldn’t be avoided. The previous domain of alexiegilmore.org elapsed and I couldn’t renew it before some idiot who has no intention whatsoever of doing anything with it bought it up and has parked it at another hosting company. I tried in vain to get it back to no avail. I finally had to sign up for another domain with this one ALEXIEGILMORE.COM. Not that this one is a bad one, but I registered the .org one in 2013 and made the site what it became here. For me it’s the principle of it. I’ll be here though to bring you all your Alexie needs. So for now I have some updates to get onto the site so please stay tuned. Hopefully this domain will get to the search engines like the other domain did, and perhaps at some later date I might be able to get the other one back. Fingers crossed.

 08 August, 2016
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Another post! In so many days no less! Well I’ve got an article from 2008 on Alexie’s show NEW AMSTERDAM where she starred alongside Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Alexie played the part of Dr. Sara Dillane, a woman who might have been “the one” John Amsterdam was looking for to make him mortal again. The show only ran eight episodes and was summarily cancelled by FOX Television in their quest to once again blow it on keep a truly quality show on it’s network. It was largely left in a cliffhanger. I’d love to know if it would be possible to bring it back considering Nikolaj’s success on Game of Thrones as Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer?I would love to be optimistic, but I’m very much the doubting Thomas and will likely remain severely disappointed.


 07 August, 2016
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New event for 2016. Alexie attended the TVLand Icons Awards in tandem with her new role on the LOPEZ show in the role of George Lopez’s girlfriend Sheila.


 07 August, 2016
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I have some updates for some of Alexie’s past events. Please feel free to click on the links to go to the relevant albums.

 05 August, 2016
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As you can see, we finally have a new layout on both the main site and the gallery. I like how fresh and revitalized the site looks. I’m also hoping now to get some much needed updates done including Alexie’s television work. Take care.